A few things I'm focusing on during Corona

As a freelance marketer, not much has changed from a business perspective as a result of the Coronavirus. Businesses of are course still investing in marketing, but many are making be much more careful about their spend which is smart.

While I'm still taking on content marketing clients, I have decided to invest any and all 'extra' time on working on a few projects I've let fall to the wayside. Here they are.

Learning Spanish: Despite marrying a Chilean, my Spanish is incredibly poor. I've invested in taking lessons and spending an hour at least a day in practice. It's going very well so far.

SEO: As a content marketer, SEO is an incredibly valuable skill to continue to work to improve. I have a variety of programs I'm going through and will share my experience / results as I progress.

Fitness: With the extra time at home, I have no excuses as to why I can't use this time to get in better shape. My wife and I are working on a home routine that we both can do and improve our fitness together.

Hunting: While thousands of businesses are affected by the affects of the Coronavirus, many are putting their foot on the pedal. If you're looking for help with content marketing, just send me an email bud at aboundlessworld.com and we can chat further. :)