3 Skills Every Modern Professional Should Know

If you're looking to make an impact and move up in your career, it helps to continue to investing in yourself on a regular basis.

Taking courses, reading books, watching lectures etc are all great ways to learn new skills that can help you grow.

But where should you spend your time? What will have the highest ROI?

Here a few skills that I believe every modern professional should know, regardless of their specific career objectives.


Knowing how to write and communicate your ideas effectively is one of the most important skills to have as a modern professional.

Whether it's communicating an idea through Powerpoint or writing an important email, how you write matters. Unfortunately, many of us don't often invest much in becoming a better writer. At the same time, that means investing even just a little of your time to become better can have huge dividends.

Even if you don't consider yourself a "writer" you should absolutely spend time improving your copywriting skills.

How to be a connector

Knowing how to connect people and ideas is another incredibly useful skill to have. Becoming the "centerpiece" of your network of friends and colleagues can help you quickly navigate your professional ambitions.

I intend on expanding on what it means to be a connector in a later post.

How to learn

Things move fast. Especially in today's media and information rich environment. Knowing how to learn is a powerful tool to help you stay up to date as things change.

No longer can you simply learn a subject and rest on your laurels. Knowing how to learn effectively allows you to spend less time during the actual learning and instead focus on what to learn instead.

Rapid skill acquisition is  without a doubt one of the most important skills to have in today's modern world.

While there are certainly more skills that can be helpful to know, if you master these three you'll be well on your way to the top.