10 Year Goals

As the momentum of the new year is in full swing, many of us, myself included, are focusing on a few key areas we would like to improve in our lives.

From going to the gym more frequently to turning down the invitation to enjoy one of your favorite sweets, setting specific goals can be a powerful catalyst for change.

Short term goals can absolutely make a positive difference in your life. But like many things in our chaotic world, they can change quite frequently.

Once you hit your goal weight, you may ease up on your fitness routine and enjoy two servings of pie.

Once you've mastered a core skill for work, you may pursue other endeavors.

While there is nothing wrong with this approach per se, I've found thinking in 10-year goals can be incredibly empowering as well.

For example, when I started blogging in high school, I knew I wanted to become a better writer.

While I had no idea where my career would take me, I was relatively sure becoming a better writer would serve me well, ten years into the future.

It's reasonable to say I was right.

My writing habit has allowed me to make a living through my words, from helping brands tell their story, to increasing sales, investing in the skill of writing has improved every facet of my life.

And it was most certainly a long term play.

My efforts continue to compound.

Thinking in terms of decades and not days or months allows you to hone in on the skills and projects that truly matter.

Put ten years of hard work into any area, and you're almost surely going to see massive progress.

What I wrote about ten years ago is vastly different than what I write about now, and I suspect that to continue.

This long term goal becomes more fruitful as it ages.

Instead of focusing on the short term, I challenge you to invest heavily in your future.

What can you see yourself doing for decades to come? What area of your life would reap the most benefit if you continued to take small steps each day?

If you're an artist, could you invest in learning new ways to express your craft?

If you're a businessman or businesswoman, could you invest in becoming a better public speaker?

If you're a marketer, could you invest in the timeless principles that will always apply?

Could you spend time learning how to learn a language so you can become fluent in many different tongues?

Taking a big picture view now can set yourself up for decades of success later.

You can still work on going to the gym 3x a week. You can always aim to accomplish the here and now.

But don't sleep on the benefits of thinking a decade ahead.