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What are the chances?

Earlier this week, we had to take our dog Poka in to have a massive tumor removed from her spleen. It ‘sprung’ out of nowhere and has been an emotionally trying ordeal. With her surgery done, it seems the hard part is over and she should be able to make a full recovery. Apparently tumors […]

Give the benefit of the doubt

It’s easy to criticize or write someone off. It’s easy to say “what an idiot.” It’s easy to point out people’s flaws. It’s much harder to give the benefit of the doubt. If you catch yourself judging someone for something they did, perhaps you can extend some empathy. The world needs more if it.

Why I like the UFC

Thanks to the pandemic, the sports world has been thrown into disarray. While I’m normally a big football and baseball fan, I’ve become increasingly found of the UFC during these wild times. One of the reason I enjoy the UFC so much is because each match is total reset. It doesn’t matter what the fighters […]

Do it any way

Do it anyway. Yes, it may be late. Yes you may be tired. Yes you may have a million of excuses waiting to be plucked from the tree. Do it anyway. Your future self will thank you.

Hit your deadlines

I see a lot of commentary in the biz world about how hard it is to stand out in your career. The competition is stiff yes, but often times mastering the basics will get you 99% of the way. One such way to “stand out” is to simply do what you say. If you commit […]