Only one

You only need one win to strike it big. You only need one call to change your life. You only need one piece of content to go viral. You only need one person at the right time. You only need one lucky break. The more shots you take, the higher your chances of getting that […]

My birthday wish

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. Irrelevant in the big picture of things, but I did want to take a moment to encourage you to join a bone marrow registry. It is without question one of the most impactful things you can do — and doesn’t cost a thing. A bone marrow donation is especially important […]

New 365 day challenge

On Monday, I’ll be turning 29. What a wild 29 years it’s been. While I plan on writing up some lessons I’ve learned in my relatively short life later next week, I’m incredibly excited to be announcing my yearly challenge — running / jogging 29 minutes a day. It’s about time I started taking my […]