New 30 Day Trial | Wim Hof Breathing

I’ve been a huge fan of Wim since seeing him on Joe Rogan and the idea of breath work has been super interesting to me. I’ve taken cold showers daily for the last 3 months largely in part because of Wim. Despite knowing conscious breathing is good for you, I’ve never made much of an […]

No substitute for hard work

We’re all looking for shortcuts or hacks to get us where we want to go. Many times, we spend more time searching than putting in the work. At a certain level, working smart is needed, but too often we run away from putting in the work. If you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for […]

Preparing for the worst

Our oldest dog, Poka hasn’t been eating lately. While we originally thought it was a stomach infection according to the vet, it looks like things may be more serious. Given her age, things aren’t looking good. And yet, we won’t know more until she takes more exams tomorrow. While it’s hard not to think of […]