Are You A Leader?

Most of us claim that we want to be leaders and change the world. 

Yet our everyday actions rarely reflect this sentiment. 

Consider the last time you were with friends and someone asks where you want to eat.

Whether or not you’re  a leader can be found in how you answer. 

A.  I don’t mind.. you choose.

B. Let’s go to In and Out Burger. 

Are you a leader?  Or are you pretending to be? 


  • Being a leader is a little bit like the metaphor you’ve chosen here. The first step is being able to make a decision (i.e. let’s go to In and Out Burger).

    The second step is when people start trusting your decision and will go along with it because they trust who you are even when they aren’t so certain you’ve made the right choice.

    The kind of leader that has followers is the kind that’s hard to be. Those are the people we all look up to such as Steve Jobs.

By Bud


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