It’s been several weeks now since my Twitter account @aboundlessworld was “temporarily restricted.” It has since moved to “suspended.” I’m still holding out hope this is all a mistake that resulted from the Twitter hack, but I’m growing a little worried. Since I’ve been moved to “suspended” I have been able to submit a report that I believe it was in error.

I first started using Twitter in 2008ish, and have virtually used the service every day since then. It’s a little disheartening that my entire account can be locked with warning or issue for over two weeks.

While I undoubtedly would lose a pretty big part of my network, I can always rebuild my following. What I’m most frustrated about is that I’m unable to see who I followed, can’t access my DMs, or save the many links and tweets I bookmarked.

I have since started a new Twitter account @budhennekes.

Will keep you posted.