Ive long been fascinated by those who dedicate their entire life to mastering
their crafts often forgoing incredible sacrifice many of us cant even begin to

Some of my favorite movies are documentaries that attempt to tell those
incredibly inspiring tales

From Jiro Dreams of Sushi to Alex Honnold free soling El Captain theres
something about that focus and drive that moves me unlike anything else

Sure many of those who do great things are obsessed to a fault Often those
who accomplish remarkable feats have poor relationships addiction and other
negative influences in their life

And yet despite it all they continue pushing forward in their quest to be the

If youve been fortunate enough to ever feel that feeling even for a brief
moment of time  you know there is nothing else like it in the world

Whether youre trying to publish your first book record that new song or make
it in the NFL the journey of accomplishing the impossible is what makes life
worth living

If youre struggling to find your way focus on finding the thing that makes you

A lot of people run a race to see who is the fastest I run to see who has the
most guts who can punish himself into exhausting pace and then at the end
punish himself even more
To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift
Steve Prefontaine