False starts

You start going to the gym.

You start eating healthy.

You begin that side hustle, hoping for it to turn into something more.

But then Monday you’re tired and skip.

Wednesday you order pizza.

A month in, you’re not seeing results.

The best way to avoid false starts, is to commit to seeing it through before you even begin.

Say less

It’s tempting to want to say more. I have an opinion on that. You should do this. But the reality is, most of us will benefit from saying less, not more.

Volume is important, but in a world of noise, saying less, better is the easiest way to stand out.

Tracking your calories

After many months of putting it off, I’ve finally committed to tracking everything I eat and drink throughout the day.

Losing my ‘gut’ has long been a ‘priority’ of mine, and when I say priority I mean it’s something I have not taken seriously at all.

While I’ll attempt to eat healthier throughout the progress, my only goal is to track everything in the app Lose It.  Weighing your food is somewhat tedious, but a few days in, I’m already getting the hang of it.

I’m excited to see what comes from this.


Sticking with Things 3

After playing around with Marvin, a productivity tool for a few hours, I’ve decided to remain with my go to task app Things 3. While I could likely explore Marvin even further, my gut is saying I’m fine with Things 3. There are many great features that Things 3 doesn’t have, but the Mac app is quite slow in comparison. In addition, all the amazing features may *seem* great, but are in reality quite overwhelming.

I’ll write up on why I will continue with Things 3 at some point soon.


Trying Amazing Marvin

After being an exclusive Things 3 user for many years, I’ve decided to test the waters with a *newer* productivity app Amazing Marvin. Things 3 has been nothing but great to me, but looking to give a new tool a try — as I want to stay fresh with how I manage my todo list and workflow.

I’ll share my thoughts in the next few weeks.