An Update on Twitter

It’s been several weeks now since my Twitter account @aboundlessworld was “temporarily restricted.” It has since moved to “suspended.” I’m still holding out hope this is all a mistake that resulted from the Twitter hack, but I’m growing a little worried. Since I’ve been moved to “suspended” I have been able to submit a report that I believe it was in error.

I first started using Twitter in 2008ish, and have virtually used the service every day since then. It’s a little disheartening that my entire account can be locked with warning or issue for over two weeks.

While I undoubtedly would lose a pretty big part of my network, I can always rebuild my following. What I’m most frustrated about is that I’m unable to see who I followed, can’t access my DMs, or save the many links and tweets I bookmarked.

I have since started a new Twitter account @budhennekes.

Will keep you posted.


What are you good at?

If someone were to ask you what you’re good at… would you have an answer?

Are you a “people person?”

Can you break down complex problems into simple solutions?

Do you have a good work ethic?

Are you able to weather the storm?

Most have a hunch as to what they are good at, but many do not.

Spend some time figuring out where you excel, and double down your efforts.

Mistakes will be made

Whenever you try something new, you’re inevitably going to stumble.

You can get frustrated at the fact, or reframe in a more powerful way.

Mistakes will be made, but only those who embrace them have any shot at getting better.

Starting fresh

Sometimes the best path forward is to start fresh.

From relationships to your career, a new lens in which to view the world often unlocks the juiciest gifts life has to offer.

Optimize for learning

We all want to learn new skills Some of us want to learn a new language others
want to learn a new skill that will help them progress in their career

But too often we forget to optimize for learning

Learning a new skill is one thing but thinking about how youre going to get
there is another thing entirely

Invest the time needed to come up with a plan of attack and youll make
significantly faster progress than if you just throw something at the wall
hoping it will stick