30 Day 5 AM Challenge Kicks Off Tomorrow

Super stoked to be kicking off the 30 days of waking up at 5 AM challenge

Ill be sharing more about my learnings but for now here are a few of the
things I plan on focusing on during the trial

12 extra hours of Spanish practice each day
30 mins of uninterrupted reading time
Get my daily habits done before noon
Choose an exercise or movement program and follow through on it 35 days of the
Write and release 60 Seconds Habit Book
Continue working on my work with CXL and other freelance clients

Its not too late to join Email me budaboundlessworld and we can get you into
the accountability group

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New 30 Day Challenge Wakeup at 5 AM

Starting on Wednesday July 1st a few buddies and I will kick off a 30 day
challenge of waking up at 5 AM

While Ive done similar 30 day trials in the past Im particularly excited to
leverage the extra quiet time in the morning to do a fair amount of focused work
before 9 AM

Rules of the challenge are wake up at 5 AM and get out of bed Can go back to
sleep if sick or absolutely necessary but the assumption is to start your day
at 5 AM Naps are permitted as well

I hope to use this time to finally ship a few projects and continue working on
landing a full time job in content marketing I expect to increase the amount of
books Im reading as well

As far as bed time goes Ill be aiming to be in bed and winding down no later
than 9930

Ill be sharing what I learn as we go excited

PS Love you Belen Thanks for supporting me in this challenge

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Goals vs Dreams

Today I took part in a goal setting process hosted by Complice
httpscompliceco and felt the exercises were incredibly helpful to
position myself for a strong 2nd half of the year While I hope to expand on the
process in the future I did really like the framing of the difference between
goals vs dreams

Although simple on the surface it really helped me gain clarify on what was
important to me vs whats nice to have

Dreams are something you may want to accomplish in the future and goals are
something you have a plan for Dreams are good to have but if you dont have a
gameplan on how to reach them its going to be incredibly challenging to get

In one of the exercises we are instructed to write out a list of dreams with
the intention of having a list of 50 items Next we worked to break down those
dreams into a much smaller subset Then once we had a smaller list we would
break down how were going to accomplish the rest of the list

I broke my goals into 4 categories in Roam

In about an hour I was able to much more clear on what things actually matter
and what its going to take to get there Incredibly excited to start executing
on them

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Jumping the gun

Im a big fan of moving quickly Moving now instead of waiting can often give
you a signifiant competitive advantage

Being early to catch trends shipping when your competition is still in the
planning phase adds up over time

But sometimes jumping the gun isnt always the most intelligent path forward

For example in my haste to try the new Mac OS I updated my computer using my
dev account when in hindsight I probably should have waited for the public

Its buggy many of the apps are freezing making it difficult to use And for
what For a few extra weeks of playing with it at most

Most people default to moving too slowly But sometimes its best to wait

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Daily Gratitude

Over the last few months Ive slowly made the switch to using Roam Research
httpsroamresearchcom as my default place to take notes and organize my
thoughts While I still do my content marketing work in Ulysses Roam Research
continues to become a larger part of my day to day workflow

While Im still learning how use it even more effectively I wanted to share a
simple habit Ive been doing that has helped me quite a bit

Each day I start the morning with a Daily Gratitude page where I jot down
35 things Im grateful for Its a great way to prime myself for a good day and
its incredibly easy to go back and search for things when Im feeling down or
having an off day

If Im feeling unmotivated or low on energy Ill spend a few minutes rereading
some of the things Im grateful for Its not a magic pill by any means but
definitely something Ive come to enjoy

You dont need a tool like Roam Research to build the habit of gratitude ever I
highly recommend you spend a few minutes each day reflecting on all the amazing
gifts you have

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