The invisible wall

I just started reading Permanent Record
by Edward Snowden and to begin the book he claims one of the most important
lessons he learned was from the game Super Mario

In the original Mario games in which they were a 2d side scroller all you could
do was move forward You could never go back to the left The invisible wall he
said is the perfect parallel to how we live life

As much as we may want to go back and collect that missed coin or snag another
powerup all we can do to is continue to move forward

Beating Bowser requires you focus on the task at hand and dont waste a single
second focusing on what cant be changed

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We’re back

I know its an incredibly difficult time for many many people all around the
world but wanted to take a moment to share my excitement for everyone involved
in the incredible launch today

I hope its the start of many more great things to come

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20-20-20 Rule

Given how much time I spend on the computer Ive recently been experimenting
with whats called the 202020 rule to help with eye strain

Every 20 minutes you spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away

To help with the reminders I downloaded Break for my Eyes
httpsbreaksforeyesapp for my mac ht to my friend Lorezno for the

According to Break for my Eyes

If you have a headache or dry eyes at the end of the day you could be suffering
from computer vision syndrome which can result in a headache fatigue dry
eyes neck pain blurred vision and many more

I plan on giving this a go for the majority of the time Im on the computer
during the day Ill report back how it goes

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The choice is yours

In high school each day after the announcements our principle would always end
with the admittedly corny line Make it a good day or not the choice is

Nearly a decade later that simple statement continues to stay with me

No matter what life throws our way we almost always have a choice in how we

Having a choice doesnt mean life will be easy or that you wont have off days

We all encounter the harsh realities of the world from time to time

You can choose to let life happen to you or you adjust based on your reality

When you have a choice you have hope And with hope you can make the most out
of the day

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The resistance

It stares you in the face the moment you dare to dream big

It hovers over you as you move to hit publish or send

It tricks you into thinking that youre destined to play small

It forces you to clean your desk for the 7th time today

And it makes you reconsider the walk into the unknown

It fills you with worry and doubt excuses and other more important things

It says it only has your best interests in mind

It paces back and fourth begging for your attention Wanting desperately for you
to join it in the place where ambition goes to die

It puts pebbles in your shoe Alters your alarm And whispers what if

It schemes it It plots It wants you to stay stuck forever

And yet it can never keep up long enough to hold you back from where you need
to be just as long as you dont stop moving

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