Unsolicited Advice

I just read an excellent blog post by Kevin Kelly entitled 68 Bits of
Unsolicited Advice httpskkorgthetechnium68bitsofunsolicitedadvice
Its one of my favorite articles in a long time

While the entire list is great here a few points that stood out to me

Learn how to learn from those you disagree with or even offend you See if
you can find the truth in what they believe
Dont be afraid to ask a question that may sound stupid because 99 of the
time everyone else is thinking of the same question and is too embarrassed to
ask it
A worthy goal for a year is to learn enough about a subject so that you cant
believe how ignorant you were a year earlier
For every dollar you spend purchasing something substantial expect to pay a
dollar in repairs maintenance or disposal by the end of its life
Rule of 7 in research You can find out anything if you are willing to go
seven levels If the first source you ask doesnt know ask them who you
should ask next and so on down the line If you are willing to go to the 7th
source youll almost always get your answer
How to apologize Quickly specifically sincerely
Over the long term the future is decided by optimists To be an optimist you
dont have to ignore all the many problems we create you just have to
imagine improving our capacity to solve problems
The universe is conspiring behind your back to make you a success This will
be much easier to do if you embrace this pronoia

For fun I spent this morning coming up with a few pieces of advice myself

In business and life speed trumps virtually everything Move quickly and dont
be afraid to make mistakes

When dealing with customer service reps the magic number is 3 If you dont get
your desired outcome talk to 3 reps After the 3rd the answer is probably
permanent and theres no need to waste any more time

Invest the time to learn a 2nd language no one cares that you will look silly
Being able to speak and think in a different language is a huge competitive

While the world can be scary if you take some basic precautions and stay alert
you can travel and enjoy the majority of places on this earth

Sign up for a CC that earns miles it can pay off if done right Learn travel

There are a few things you absolutely know more about than the average person
Teach that skill or passion

Learn to touch type and spend time learning your favorite apps keyboard

Build the habit of expressing gratitude daily it pays off in the end

Read books about obscure subjects For example Im reading a book about pigeons
right now

No one cares Work harder

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Productive at home

Given the uncertainty of how long lock downs will last across the country many
are beginning to come to terms that we dont be back to business from usual
any time soon

Even if lockdowns are lifted soon many are going to continue to work from home
as much as possible until a vaccine is ready for deployment

One of my friends recently shared this via Telegram

While you shouldnt feel bad if youre not yet adjusted to the new normal its
better to start working towards a productive work flow that is sustainable in
the long term

Taking care of your children additional job responsibilities etc obviously are
going to impact your routine but as with millions of others its up to us to

Ill be sharing my thoughts about how you can raise your base level productivity
regardless of your current circumstances shortly

PS Ill be releasing my new AZ Zoom course next week Stay tuned

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A simple habit that makes all the difference

One habit I recently starting working on is to drink more water throughout the
day As someone who enjoys Diet coke and sugar free monster I often head to the
fridge instead of the tap

We all know drinking water is good for us yet if youre like me probably
didnt take the habit too seriously

As someone who suffers from migraines and joint pain drinking more water is
probably one of the first things I should have tried to help

And yet I found myself always looking for a more complicated solution

To build the habit of drinking more water Ive committed to the goal of
drinking two full hydro flasks each day So far I havent missed

Its a simple habit to be sure but so far is making a massive difference in how
I feel

Are you drinking enough water If not how can you change that

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Quest for better posture

Ive never been one to take my posture seriously and now 28 years later that
is beginning to show Sitting at your computer for hours on end for decades
apparently isnt very good for you

A few weeks ago my leg and thigh began feeling numb and incredibly warm

At first it was a minor inconvenience but over the last week or so it really
escalated in discomfort I decided to call a chiropractor to the home for a
visit in hopes of finding a solution

In addition to him noticing my muscles were very tense and stressed he remarked
that my posture was quite bad and it likely twisted one of my vertebrae out of

After about an hour of incredibly painful exercises and stretches he gave me a
2x day stretching workout to help improve my posture and get my leg back to

While the pain itself isnt terrible my leg does wake me up in the middle of
the night which causes me to get some pretty crappy quality sleep

Im really excited to dive deep into learning about posture and hope to share
what I learn throughout the process

Good posture is something we obviously know is good but if youre like me you
probably still dont take it very seriously As I recently shared in my daily
gratitude journal the pain in my leg has taught me to not take good health
for granted

Given Im 28 Im years past getting away with treating my body poorly and not
directly seeing the consequences

If you arent taking your posture seriously now this is a gentle reminder to do

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Rekindling my love for reading

Since I was a young boy Ive always loved reading In addition to writing it
is one of the few activities that can truly get me into a flow state

I also know from years of tracking that my mental health is positively
correlated with the amount of books I read

The more books I read the better I feel about life

Unfortunately over the last several years Ive noticed despite my love for
reading reading a book has become increasingly difficult

I WANT to read but find my mind is constantly getting distracted Even when I
use my Kindle as opposed to phone or physical book its still a struggle

I dont remember that being the case for the 1st 20 years of my life

While it would be easy to use social media and technology as a scapegoat the
reality is I do think my consumption behaviors has had an impact on my ability
to read and I suspect Im not alone

One of the things Ive been working to do is build the deliberate practice of
deep reading Like meditation Ive tried to read for short spurts at a time
without interruption If I get distracted I continue staring at the book
refusing to pick up my phone to relieve that anxiety

Its still in the early stages but Ive slowly noticed an improvement I know
it will take some work to get my reading focus back to where I want it to be
but truthfully its one of the highest ROI areas of focus in my life right now

Have you noticed it more difficult to read If so what have you done to solve
the problem

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