Predicting The Future

30 days from now

How do you expect things to be

Better Same Worse

How about your health

Your relationships

Your state of mind

Your habits Your career

While being grounded in reality is important if in 30 days you expect things to
be worse what can you do today to change it

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Focus on What You Can Control

Now more than ever you need to do everything in your power to focus on what you
can control

Its easy to get caught up with all the things you CANT control

For example you can control staying home wearing a mask and washing your

You cant control how many of your friends and family may get the Coronavirus

You can control working to earn more cut back on expenses or providing value
in these difficult times

You cant control how quickly the economy will rebound or whether you may get
laid off

You can control eating healthy and exercising even at home

You cant control whether youre going to get sick to no fault of your own

You can control being there for loved ones and friends who need your help

You cant control how they may react to our uncertain times

Even in the worst of situations the best way through is focusing on what you
can control and nothing else

Not easy but it can certainly help weather the storm

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A Simple Home Workout

Prior to the QuarantineLife I was working to building the gym habit after a few
months off

Heres a quick 7 minute workout Ive been doing instead while the gyms are
closed Simply do 30 seconds of each with 10 seconds rest

Dont let the short duration fool you youll definitely work up a sweat

1 Jumping jacks total body
2 Wall sit lower body
3 Pushup upper body
4 Abdominal crunch core
5 Stepup onto chair total body
6 Squat lower body
7 Triceps dip on chair upper body
8 Plank core
9 High knees
running in place total body
10 Lunge lower body
11 Pushup and rotation upper body
12 Side plank core

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A few books I’ve recently enjoyed

As most of us are stuck at home I thought Id put together short list of a few
books Ive really enjoyed

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg
Habit change doesnt have to be difficult or complicated Highly recommended

Julius Caesar by Phillip Freeman
Fantastic read on one of the most influential leaders of all time

She Came To Slay
by Erica Armstrong Dunbar I knew Harriet Tubman was a badass but didnt know
HOW much of a badass she really was

Loserthink by Scott Adams
In some circles Scott has gotten a bad rap for being pro trump which he
denies Regardless he continues to be one of the most thoughtful thinkers today

Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshuca Medcalf
httpswwwamazoncomChopWoodCarryWaterBecomingdp1483441784  A super
short and fun story about the path to mastery

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Call your parents

A reminder if youre still blessed enough to have the opportunity

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