Change Your Tempo

My wife and I just had a wonderful day in Santiago exploring a few different
museums and having lunch at a great Vietnamese spot we had never been to before

Despite being a little bit warm it was a very enjoyable day

Though I have lived in Chile for 4 years I rarely venture into Santiago
proper Its about 7595 minutes by bus and public transportation can get a
little crowded

Because I can work remotely from home I often setup shop at a near by Starbucks
or simply work from my home desk downstairs

As anyone who works remotely knows it can often be a little lonely especially
if you arent conscious about your social life and outside activities

Thought I often decide against going into the city changing my tempo was
surprisingly refreshing

Dont be afraid to change things up especially if youve been operating on
autopilot for some time

Today was a great reminder that I should definitely make it into the city more
often as there is so much left to be explored and enjoyed

Sometimes we get into our set ways and forget we have the option of increasing
or decreasing our tempo

If youve been primarily in work mode for a while try increasing your social

If youve been neglecting your your career and work in favor of building
relationships try making massive progress in a short period of time

Of course it doesnt always have to be either or but changing tempo is a
powerful way to get unstuck and experience more of what life has to offer

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Panic Is Not A Strategy

Worry is like a rocking chair it gives you something to do but never gets you

As many around the world keep up with the latest on COVID19 and prepare for the
worst now is a great time to remember to panic is not a strategy

If youre worried about COVID19 the absolute best thing you can do is prepare
in a calm and rationale manner No need to shout apocalypse from the roof tops
No need to stay glued to your phone 247 only to further strengthen your fears

Share your reasoning and own preparation with those you love and do your best
to stay calm and level headed

Could COVID19 ultimately become one of the worst health disasters the world has
even seen Perhaps

Could we quickly figure out a way to stop it from spreading and prevent more
harm Thats possible to

You and I ultimately dont know how the COVID19 will play out but panicking is
counter productive

If youre concerned about the potential impact on you and the rest of the world
you should absolutely take every precaution you believe necessary

Stay up to date with the latest Get news from a variety of reputable sources
Hedge against a few months of a disrupted way of living

Uncertainty often leads to panic And panic often makes everything worse

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5 Things Every Professional Should Do More Often

Its no secret that being a professional in todays modern work environment
demands a lot of your time and energy

From your seemingly endless todo list to crafting those important weekly
reports it can be a challenge to keep up

Despite the many things keeping you busy you likely know that being busy
doesnt always if ever equate to doing work that matters

If youre feeling stuck instead of wasting time scrolling Reddit or Instagram
here are a few helpful things you can do instead

Leave An Honest Linkedin Recommendation
While some LOVE Linkedin and others HATE it the reality is for most people
Linkedin does play some role in their professional development

Making a habit of leaving honest Linkedin recommendations is a great way to give
back and help others get where they want to go

Not only that leaving thoughtful and truthful recommendations makes you feel
good and helps establish you as someone who gives back

Leave a Book Review
Despite what some say authors regardless of popularity love reading book
reviews You may have read 25 books last year but how many times did you reach
out and leave a review Or send an email to the author saying thanks

A thoughtful book review takes less than 1015 minutes to write but can make a
massive difference in the authors life especially for those who are new

While you dont have to suck up in your review this is one of those times
where if you dont have anything nice to say it just type it out then hit

Pickup The Phone
Its perfectly okay to call an old friend or colleague to catch up Often those
conversations are going to be the most rewarding

In an age where EVERYTHING is scheduled or done through text or Slack pick up
the phone and make the call Whether you need feedback on that report or just
want to checkin youd be amazed at how much you can get done when you just hit

Yes text email and Slack have their place but dont feel bad using the phone
as it was intended

Take Real Breaks
If you spend your day running around like a chicken with their head cut off it
can be tempting to take half breaks throughout the day

Maybe you scan ESPN while you eat lunch or perhaps you catchup while watching a
mindless movie

Stop this

When possible take full breaks Thats the only way youre going to get the
real benefit of taking a break anyway Just like multitasking is incredibly
inefficient try and work when you work and rest when you rest

Youll be amazed at how much better you feel when you focus entirely on work
and then completely focus on relaxing

Give it a try

Pickup A New Hobby
I wont bore you with the overly shared story of how Steve Jobs sat in on
calligraphy class and had a lasting impact on how Apple was built But I will
say picking up a new hobby can be incredibly beneficial both personally and

Take a class online or in the real world on something youre interested in
Maybe thats cooking Maybe thats voice lessons The sky is the limit

Doing new things can help change the way you view the world and often unlock
patterns you may otherwise have missed

Even if youre super busy you have time for a few hours a week to learn
something new

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Connectors

In a world where many physically recoil at the sound of  networking its
clear many modernday professionals are in search of a more suitable term

As my closet family and friends will attest there is plenty Im not good at
but being a connector is one of the few things Ive been able to build into a
strength over time

If youre looking to build your network in a nonsleazy way here are 7 habits
of highly effective connectors Hat tip to the wonderful book 7 Habits of Highly
Effective People for providing a foundation for this post

They Play They Long Game
One of the many reasons networking gets such a bad rap is it has historically
been associated with those who are only looking for short term gains

That person who hands you their business card at an event followups just a day
later pushing for a sale

Effective connectors know that a strong network is only as good as the strength
of their relationships  Connectors think in terms of years sometimes even
decades not months

Making an introduction now can not only help in the short term but it often
builds long term goodwill as well

Not every connection relationship or partnership is going to work out but
that doesnt prevent the active connector from putting their best foot forward

A good connector knows that not all seeds planted will sprout but the few that
do will make the world a more vibrant and fuller place

They build relationships knowing that in the grand scheme of things their
efforts will pay off even though it may take a while

They Give Without Expectation
Effective connectors know that doing a favor now in hopes of a favor in return
was never a favor at all

Youre not fooling anyone when your end goal is to get your back scratched in

Yes its human nature to want your efforts and help to be reciprocated and in
many cases it will but that should never be the goal

Giving without expectation doesnt mean youre a pushover or you dont take
care of yourself first

The best super connectors in the world get there from giving value first and
without expectation

Not everyone will appreciate your efforts nor should you expect them too
Connectors get joy and satisfaction of helping those they can help and anything
beyond that is just a bonus

Dont be the person who gives only when they need something if becoming a
connector is your goal

They Are Always Searching For Ways To Help
Effective connectors view the world in an entirely different way

Their mind is always searching for ways to help Of course being a connector
doesnt make you immune to natural human desires and wants but most of the day
they spend looking for ways to be helpful

Im looking for a job in tech
I know just the person

Can anyone give me feedback on this blog post before it goes live
Sure thing

What are some of the best cities for building a startup
Ive heard Austin is great I know two people who live there happy to make an

Its never been easier to add value to those in your community Its never been
easier to add value to your coworkers family and friends

When you begin searching for ways to help regularly youll be incredibly
surprised at how many opportunities there are

Connectors are happy with their day when theyve played a small part in helping
others move closer to their goals

Anyone can become a connector if they invest the time to find ways to be of

They Keep Their Word
Effective connectors know that keeping their word matters They dont make
promises they have no intention of keeping

If they drop the ball they take full responsibility Life happens

They follow through they do what they say

They dont view people as a means to an end Every relationship every
partnership matters They know that by keeping their word they can stand out in
a world seemingly defaults to being a flake

That intro they promised It happens

That feedback they agreed to share They share it

They dont cancel a Zoom call 3 times in a row

Think about those who you consider a good connector and chances are they
virtually always keep their word

They Leverage Technology To Build Relationships
Active connectors know that technology can be used to help add value to the

They scan Twitter for opportunities to help

They set reminders to followup and follow through

They leverage technology to help grow their social circle while adding value in
the process

Anyone with an internet connection can work to become a connector Its never
been easier for the up and coming to add value to those who have made it

They leverage technology for good not to spam or lose the personal touch

Technology helps scale what used to be unscalable

You cant talk to everyone in your network every day but you can send a quick
text or email to genuinely extend a hand

You dont need the latest CRM to be an effective connector you just need a
passion for helping those you can

They Are Always Learning
Effective connectors dont let their massive network go to their head They
know that there are lessons to be learned by everyone they meet

They are curious They are interested They want to learn the story and fire of
everyone they meet

Effective connectors are eager to help not only because it feels good to help
others but they can learn and grow as well

Every relationship or connection they build is yet another source of knowledge
a source that can pay dividends for years

They go into every meeting and event looking to learn and improve themselves

They Have A Passion For People
Perhaps the most important quality of an effective connector is their passion
for people

To true connectors people arent just a number or a sale They arent a means
to an end

Every superconnector Ive ever met loves people first and for most

Very little brings them more joy than hearing a story of how their efforts
helped enhance the lives of those they helped

Effective connectors know that people change and they excel at the challenge of
understanding their relationships that are never stagnant

You cant become a worldclass connector if you dont have a genuine joy for the
people you connect with

A passion for people is a must

If youre looking to grow your network and deepen your personal and professional
relationships I hope you found this blog post useful

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The lazy man always does twice the work.

Shortly after my now wife and I started dating she shared a Spanish proverb
with me that Ive thought a lot about since

In Spanish it reads El bago siempre pasa double trabajo which translates to
the lazy man always does twice the work

Of course it was only coincidence that she would remind me of the phrase always
after I finished cleaning the house or doing the dishes

In our constant search for shortcuts we often end up walking the longer road
It may be easy to put something off now but in the end you often do twice the

Just as sweating the small stuff can be life changing doing the work the 1st
time around is often the best path to take

In college I was REALLY bad at math

Instead of putting in the work and doing what I needed to get by I ignored my
math homework and skipped class frequently  It was no surprise that I ended up
having to take the class again

When you choose the path of short term gain youre not being cute or clever
youre making it hard for your future self

Do those dishes now Clean your desk fully Commit to giving your best on the
task even though it may not be your favorite thing to do

El bago siempre pasa double trabajo

I wrote this for me perhaps you can relate

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