My Monthly Challenge For Feb

As I shared to start the New Year Ive committed to exploring 12 unique
challenges each for 30 days

For the month of January I originally had planned on giving being a vegan a try
but made a last second audible to settle for vegetarian

Ill be sharing my lessons in a later post but for the month of February I
have decided to drink only water and tea

No soda No monster I have not decided if I will allow myself to enjoy an
alcoholic beverage or two for my wifes birthday Feb 4th but will be strict
the rest of the way

I drink a lot of diet coke and monster so this is definitely going to be quite
the challenge Will share updates along the way

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Topics of Interest

Lately Ive found myself reading up on a variety of subjects I know very little

Ive read about the Cherokee Indians an excellent book Empire Summer Moon
watched the excellent documentary series of World War 2 and even slightly
improved my knowledge of Ancient Rome

Its been incredibly rewarding and surprising to the say the least Ive always
been an avid reader but immersing myself into different topics has been great

Ive started making more and more connections from what Ive been reading to my
as a content marketer and I expect that to continue

For the month of February Im looking to go deep on one subject and share a
10k word essay on the blog Inspired by David Perell
httpstwittercomdavid_perell Im excited for the challenge

Ill be sharing more on the topic and process shortly

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Lost at Sea

Its been nearly 12 years since I  lost one of my best friends in a jet ski
accident And not a day goes by where I dont think about the impact he had on
me and literally hundreds of others

With the recent passing of Kobe Bryant Ive been especially reflective on what
it means to live a life of purpose

This is a poem I wrote to celebrate my friend Marcos life and I hope it

Your laugh was annoying
Your smile was grand
One day I hope to understand
your stay was short
but all worthwhile
for everyone who saw you
couldnt help but smile
When I was worried
you told me not to be
And it is now that I finally see
how much you affected me
first friend in shanghai
keeping me real
for when I was down
you helped me feel
You wanted to be a pilot
to fly free and to roam
now with no boundaries
heaven is your home
In the heart of the phoenix
you will continue you to soar
know that we miss you
and love you more

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Audiobooks & Retention

Listen at 3x speed Youll be able to blow through more books

Like many over the last few years Ive gradually increased the amount of
audiobooks Ive consumed

As much as I enjoy reading a physical book or a book on my kindle audiobooks
are often a refreshing way to consume an authors work especially if narrated
by the author themselves

But Ive also noticed that my retention of books I consume through audio is
incredibly low and I suspect Im not alone

Ive long given up on the idea that I can listen to an audiobook and retain as
much as if I would if I were reading it traditionally

Instead I turn to audiobooks with the primary intention to change my mood

Anything I learn is a bonus

If my focus is specifically retention Ill read a book If Im looking for
motivation more focus or even just a sense of curiosity of the world Ill
turn to an audiobook

This distinction has been a game changer for me and I recommend you try it

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On Legacy

As the world mourns the loss of one of the all time basketball greats Kobe
Bryant I cant help but reflect on the fragility of life

Too often we take each precious moment of life for granted failing to remember
that in a moment that privilege can instantly be revoked

We let our fear keep us from speaking up from sharing our gifts from putting
our heart and soul on the line

I cant recall the last time I had 3 of my closest friends text me to tell me
they just spent time crying

Its easy to pretend that what we do doesnt matter That in the grand scheme of
things we dont make a difference

But its through these painful reminders that we remember that what we choose
to do or not do truly does make a difference

As Kobe once said Its your job to make it as beautiful a canvas as you can
make it If youve done that youve lived a successful life

Wise words from one of the greats

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