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    2020 Daily Blogging Challenge

    Happy New Year!

    I started A Boundless World over a decade ago while I was still in high school.

    Since I first launched the blog, I've written hundreds of thousands of words and and covered a variety of personal development topics, such as relationships, travel, and even marketing.

    My blogging endeavors have even lead me to having a career as a content marketer.

    Despite having been blogging for 10+ years, my work here has been largely inconsistent.

    Reflecting on my goals for the 2020, I knew that I wanted to invest heavily into reviving my "online baby" and show up as a writer to the world.

    Whether it's randomly doing 10k pushups in a month, or another 'crazy' challenge just because, I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself to grow.

    With that said, I've decided to publicly commit to blogging here at A Boundless World every day of 2020.

    Given my sporadic history of posting, this will most certainly be a challenge, but I'm excited to push my creativity to it's limits.

    While I won't necessarily be writing every day, the commitment is one post on the blog every day in 2020.

    I'm incredibly excited to see the results when we look back a year from now.

    Hat tip to Steve Pavlina for his own blogging daily challenge which inspired me to do the same.

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