10 Reasons Why You’re Not Happy

Updated 7/4/2016

No Purpose or Mission

If you have not realized that having a genuine mission or purpose is essential for true success and ultimate happiness, you’re really missing out. Not having a mission or crystal clear purpose is the surest way to live an uninspired and mediocre life. How do you expect to enjoy life when you don’t even know what you want?

Having a mission or purpose gives you something to live for, something to look forward to, something to be passionate about. Your purpose isn’t merely a goal; it’s a way of life. Obviously defining your purpose does require some in-depth soul searching but if you’re looking to profoundly change your life, there’s no better place to start.

No Goals

Goals are a little bit different than your mission statement or purpose, yet they are equally important. Look at goals as mini-mission statements. Your goals should compliment your purpose and keep you on track to fulfill your life’s greater plan.

Set goals in terms of relationships, health, and career. Are you merely living life with no sense of direction? Give your being something to aspire to, you’d be surprised at what you can achieve.

A Job You Hate

What’s the one thing that causes the most stress for you in your life?  I’m guessing your job. Contrary to common belief it doesn’t have to be this way. The key is take full responsibility. Hate your job? Quit. Working a job you hate is only hindering your ability to fulfill your life mission, and you don’t want that do you?

Share your true talents with the world and you will be rewarded. There are millions of conscious individuals making a living by doing what they love. Why aren’t you?

Unfulfilling Relationships

Relationships are meant to enhance the quality of your life not destroy it. Unfortunately that’s what many relationships do. Are your relationships crappy? Take some time and reflect on the situation, and if it makes sense end them.

Why drag on a relationship that brings both individuals involved down? Hiccups obviously occur but once your heart starts to hurt its time to go.

Living Someone Elses Dreams

The quickest way to misery is pretending you’re someone your not. Sure it might be easier to follow the socially conditioned path of “success”, but then your not being true to yourself. Do what makes you happy, while living a life larger than yourself. Live your dreams not your peers.

Your Diet

Diet has an extraordinary impact not only on your health but your happiness as well. Give your body crap and you will feel like crap. Want to feel better? Try simply changing your diet. Eat happy feel happy. Simple as that.

Fear of failure

We all make mistakes. So why worry about them? It’s better to be living your life’s purpose than not living at all. And guess what? Your life’s purpose is going to involve its fair share of trials and challenges, many in which you won’t succeed. It’s your life’s purpose; it’s not meant to come easy.

You and only you determine your success. So what’s it going to be?

No gratitude

Stop thinking about what you don’t have. I’m guilty of this more often than I would like to admit. And you know what? When I ever I think about what I don’t have I’m miserable. Instead make it a habit of expressing gratitude daily. List daily the things your grateful for. Go on I’m waiting. I’m thankful for you. 😀

Lack of Meditation

Sleeping doesn’t count. For when your sleeping your subconscious is too busy thinking about the job you hate, your crappy diet, how you have no goals or no mission, how you have unfulfilling relationships, how your living some one elses dream, and how you might fail. Daily mediation allows your true purpose to emerge.

Take a deep breath. Let go. Relax. Live in the moment. Be happy for once. That is our natures natural state you know. 😀

Negative Thinking

Your subconscious is the most empowering personal growth tool at your disposal. Are you using it for your benefit? Consciously watch your thoughts for a day and you will be surprised at how negative you can be. Yes this does take practice but you can eliminate negativity with time. Reprogram your subconscious with happy thoughts, and watch miracles manifest into your life. 😀

Consciously reject misery today. Choose happiness instead.