The Power of Meditation

Are you meditating 30 minutes each day? If not, you should be.

An intelligent person like you can’t afford to pass up such a wonderful and enlightening experience.

What? You don’t know what meditation is? (I’ll wait while you imagine a monk sitting with his legs crossed humming “hmmm”…)

Don’t worry you’re not alone, and lucky for you, you don’t have to be a Buddhist Monk to participate.

So what is meditation?  If you were to have a dictionary on hand it would state, “The action or practice of meditating” Gee thanks pocket dictionary..

Shall we dive a little deeper?

This is my definition of meditation, so if you don’t like it you can go buy another dictionary 🙂

Meditation is a period of time in which your thoughts flow free of judgment. It is a period of time in which you just “be.” Meditation is a doorway  for you to explore your spirituality. Meditation is a time in which you become in-sync with your true-self. Meditation is a time in which your conscious mind is able to recharge after being constantly bombarded with stimuli. Meditation is the process of connecting with the energy of humanity.

The simplest and quickest way to completely transform your life is to practice daily meditation.

Let me repeat that again:

The simplest and easiest way to completely transform your life is to practice daily meditation.

Social Conditioning:

It’s unfortunate, but most of the Western World views meditation as a waste of time. “What  30 minutes of doing nothing? Your crazy.” Is a response I often hear. Many individuals claim meditation to be nothing more than a bunch of “new age” crap. This kind of thinking unfortunately prevents millions of people from experiencing what it truly means to live. If only some people were a bit more open minded…

How To Meditate:

Still reading? Great. Now I’m going to teach you how to meditate.

Take a moment and find a quite place where you will not be disturbed.

Turn off the computer (yes that means you must stop reading this blog) and your cell phone.

Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Now breath. Take a deeeep breath. Just let your thoughts flow in and out, not paying particular attention to any certain one.

After about 30 seconds it should begin to get uncomfortable. This is your social conditioning kicking in.  Perhaps you may think, “This is a waste of time.” Who knew doing nothing could be so difficult?

Let your thoughts flow.

Just keep breathing. Feels good doesn’t it?

After a good 10 minutes or so, you should now be entering a deep meditative state. This state should be particularly soothing. Take some time and notice your body. Feel the sensations in your hands, your toes, and your heart.

See how long you can go without thinking. At first this may appear to be impossible, however you will be surprised at what you’re capable of. The important thing is that you just be. Tune in to your higher self. Visualize. Pray. Breathe. Enjoy.

My Experience With Meditation:

The topic of meditation has always fascinated me. 30 minutes of doing nothing? Sweet. I have read numerous personal development books and  it seems that nearly all the happy and successful individuals spend a great deal of time meditating each day. Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra recommends meditating 30 minutes each morning and 30 minutes at night.

Can doing nothing for 30 minutes each day really transform your life?  Considering all the health benefits, I figured I’d give it a try. As with many, I at first found meditation to be incredibly awkward. I often thought to myself “ Am I really doing this?” However this awkwardness soon disappeared.  I now look forward to my daily time alone. Meditation has transformed my life.


Oneness is a wonderful benefit of meditation.When I am in a deep state of meditation I can’t help but feel connected to the entire world because meditation is the flow of thoughts without judgment. It often takes me some time to reach this state but when I do, I feel connected to everything and everyone. The great thing about this feeling is it strengthens the longer my mediation lasts. Upon completing my meditations I almost always feel a sense of peace. Sometimes I  choose to connect with my friends through meditation by simply opening myself up to this type of communication. I always feel at home when I’m connected with the world.


Your intentions quickly manifest when your mind is calm, therefore meditation is a perfect time to send out your intentions. I personally love sending out my intentions during my meditations. While meditating, I often find that my intentions are authentic rather than simply constructed from social conditioning. I often find these intentions to be more congruent with my life purpose.


Sometimes during my meditations I like to give thanks. I simply send out a simple intention, thanking the world for all it has given me. I often give thanks for the extraordinary relationships I have been able to manifest. These meditations are often my favorite for it leaves me feeling extremely blessed. What are you grateful for?


Occasionally while meditating I feel a strong urge to send out intentions for those in need. I find that whenever I begin praying I often pray for longer then intended. During my last meditation I prayed for 20 individuals. I say this not to show how many people I prayed for but rather show the power of prayer.


I often take some time to visualize my ideal state of being. I picture myself in my ideal life. The power of imagination is extraordinary. Simply picturing yourself in your ideal state can do wonders for your health and well being. My visualizations often leave me feeling powerful and strong. If you had the “perfect” life what would it be like? How’s your health? Your relationships? Are you financially independent? Take some time to imagine your ideal life.


We live in a world of constant stimuli. We push ourselves to the limits and in the process forget to let our mind and soul recharge,and as a result we  become stressed and sick. It doesn’t have to be that way. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Meditate today.

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Thanks for the tips pal, very interesting post!
Perhaps I’ll give it and try tonight.

Miguel de Luis

In the Catholic Seminary I attended, we had 30 minutes meditation every single day, rain or shine, in the chapel. It took me a lot time to adapt from my previous morning routine (rushing to the office) to meditation.

I asked a “senior priest” (our spiritual father) regarding the issue and he advised me to write my thoughts down, and it worked. Perhaps too well 🙂


It seems strange you use meditation for attachment rather than detachment, I wonder if you missed the point a little.


I like to “meditate” right before I go to sleep–then I just fall asleep =]


maybe i should try =)

Writer Dad

Hey Bud, when did you start wearing Thesis? It looks good on you.

Bud Hennekes

Thanks Sean! I’ve had Thesis for a few months now and love it! I’m looking to customize in the upcoming weeks to really make my blog stand out! 🙂


What a great article on meditation. Thank you for sharing.


Great article, thanks :)…. but how do you send out intentions whilest meditating if your supposed not be consciously thinking of anything? or am I missing something here?

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Eric | Eden Journal

Your definition of meditation is one of the better that I’ve seen. It seems like everyone is hyping meditation these days, but I see very few specifics of what’s so great about it. Your post does a good job of describing more detail.

I haven’t yet decided to dedicate time in my day for meditation. Instead, for now, I’ve put my own twist on the subject. I take my drive time during my commute to and from work to practice most of the things you discuss here. It’s an hour long drive on relatively open highway. I have plenty of time to let thoughts come to me. It’s not meditation as most would define it, but I like to put my own spin on things. 🙂

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Debbie @ Happy Maker

Meditation does help and it really doesn’t take that long once you get the hang of it.
However there is know such a thing as a perfect life, but mine can get close. The key to perfect it realizing that any so called problems are just learning experience.

Jonathan | Grokkery

Hey Bud,

I’ve recently come through this massive breakthrough in my meditation practice. I’m not fitting it in every day, but I’ve had this huge realization in the past few days that while I’ve identified with my mind for a long time, I am not my thoughts.

It’s very similar to what Eckhart Tolle speaks to in The Power of Now and A New Earth. The “presence” that I possess is who I am – the being that is and that observes the thoughts.

Meditation is an awesome practice, really glad to see you writing about it. Hmmm… maybe I should share the experiences I’ve had with it on Grokkery soon. Thanks for getting the wheels turning!

The Lonely god

I used to meditate every day for about fifteen minutes. I remember what a peaceful feeling I always had every waking hour during that time. But that’s a habit I grew out of. In a way, while I run, write and read I am in a way meditating… all of which clear my mind.

I’m thinking about starting to meditate now… no, I WILL start to meditate now.

Goran Jovanov

Meditation is something that I’m planning for a long time to start practicing, but so far haven’t done it.

Your post inspired me to start right now!

Thank you!

Ilse Watson

@Eric / Eden Journal – not everybody can be still for half an hour so what you are doing qualifies as meditation – in my opinion.
I meditate – thank God I can quiet my mind!
Love this article!!

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Loved this article. I have just started meditating but am amazed and what a difference it can make in such a short space of time. Every ‘session’ is different too, which is teaching me a lot about ‘expectations’ vs. just allowing things to just ‘be’ and going with the flow. Thanks for a great read!

Natural Views by Jackie

What a great article: Meditation has changed my life.


thanks for the article, i;ll try it out.


right now i’m printing this tips in to my photo coping machine…..

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