Party Crashing 101: How To Crash A Pity Party

I have a confession.

For the last month or so I’ve been throwing a hugggeee party. No, not one of those excessively extravagant college parties filled with ridiculous amounts of alcohol, but rather a party with one guest, myself.

This party, being perfectly honest, has well, left me miserable. Like many of you, I of course, never intend to host a party, but sometimes things just pile up. Ah… the power of pity parties.

Maybe you find yourself fed up with working a job you dislike. Or perhaps you just broke up with the person who you thought was your soul mate. Maybe you’re not living up to your own personal expectations. The truth is, with influential guests such as “negativity” and “I feel sorry for myself” making regular appearances, it’s often easy to be lured into the infamous party we all is know is never good. Do you remember when you threw your last pity party?

Although, I consider myself a very optimistic person, I too have my moments of self doubt. For the past month or so, I’ve struggled with the changing status of relationships that have helped mold me into the person I am today. I’ve wrestled with my new identity as an adult, and I’ve spent a great amount of time in the rewarding yet certainly draining reflection process.

New surroundings, new freedoms, and new relationships can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when it’s so easy to cling to the foundations of the past. Having recently thrown a “nice” sympathy bash for myself, I know what it’s like to feel like nothings going right. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re all alone. I say this not to be dramatic but only to show I’m human. And although we sometimes enjoy wallowing in our own self pity, fighting the doubts within ourselves is never easy.

The majority of us spend far to much time throwing pity parties for ourselves rather than seeing the beauty in life. Pity parties? Here’s how to crash them.

Raise Your Party Standards

Why would you ever waste your time attending a party where you don’t feel needed or loved? Realize that when you throw yourself a pity party you’re blocking abundance. Believe and know that you deserve better and that is what will be given in return. I realize this isn’t always easy, but as with all things, practice helps.

Don’t throw a single moment away at a party that isn’t helping you grow. Don’t be deluded into thinking negativity and self doubt are your friends. They aren’t. They’re simply parasites hoping to extract all the energy they possibly can. The longer you hang around them the weaker you become. Drinking from the punch bowl spiked with sadness is never any fun.

As you raise your party standards you will soon notice that you don’t have time to wallow in your own self pity. Raising your standards doesn’t mean there won’t be times of sadness or self doubt, but it will enable you to move past inevitable road blocks with as little friction as possible. The venue of a pity party is in your mind, therefore in an instant the party can be crashed.

The more time you spend consciously looking to see the beauty in life the less time you will spend looking for ways to stay miserable. Raise your party standards and your self doubts will soon grow weak.

Check Your Emotions At The Door

Regardless of where you are, negativity and self doubt are going to show up. Negativity? Kick his ass out. “Woe is me”? You’re above that. Don’t become intoxicated by shots pessimism, flush them out by remembering that you are loved. As I’ve said before, this isn’t always easy, but do your best to express your courage within.

Checking your emotions at the door doesn’t mean to shove them in the coat closet and forget about them. Doing so will only leave you freezing on the walk home. You must accept your emotions whether they be good or bad. Your emotions only contain as much power as you lend.

Checking your emotions doesn’t require that you give power to them. Emotions are just that, emotions. Sour feelings only turn disastrous when you let them guide you. When you become aware of your emotions you keep yourself in the drivers seat.

The last few weeks have been a very emotional time for me for a variety of reasons. Yet instead of rejecting the feelings I’ve felt, I’ve done my best at accepting them for what they are. While this process is often difficult it accelerates the period of self doubt.

Don’t expect to be perfect. Your emotions will sometimes get the best of you. Remember this is part of the process. When you first begin driving you don’t expect to be amazing, the same should go for when you’re learning to deal with your emotions. Many of us are never taught the proper way to deal with our emotions and instead lock them away until the pressure builds and creates a gigantic blast of negative smog.

Start today by checking your emotions at the door.

Decide You Want To Leave

If you find yourself stuck throwing yourself a pity party realize you are 100 percent responsible for continuing to stay. Where did the pity party originate?  Was it your family? Your friends? Of course not. You, and only you can decide whether to throw a pity party. If you throw one, and the guests (many of them rude) arrive, you have no to look to but yourself.

While feeling miserable is easy, crashing a party requires effort.  To overcome the low points in your life you must make the decision to fully commit to rise above. Deciding to leave your pity party is a necessity.

When you throw yourself a pity party you’re often under the illusion that it will make things better, but in reality it only perpetuates the real problem. All bandages, no matter how strong, break.

Over the years, I’ve thrown many pity parties, in which self doubt often stared as the DJ. However it wasn’t until I realized I had the power to crash my own party that I became more aware of the affect my thinking had on my life.

Pity parties don’t attract change, they simply fortify the demons that you’re afraid of. When you focus on what you don’t have you block the sun which leaves you no light to see that in which you do. Why wait until you’re  drunk off misery before leaving a party in which you had no intention of going to? The earlier you decide to leave the better.

Better Parties Await

It’s safe to say you’ve been a host of a few pity parties throughout your life, maybe you’re throwing one right now, or perhaps you may  even consider yourself a party regular. Regardless of your current situation, there’s always room to improve.

You can throw yourself as many pity parties as you want but it’s never going to make your life any better. Eventually, (usually after lots of needless suffering) you will realize that contentment, and that happiness, all are only a few thoughts away.

Instead of throwing a pity party for yourself, take a moment and to make an honest assessment of your current situation. Is it really that bad? Often times we sabotage ourselves in hopes of gaining sympathy from our family and friends. Yet when we do this we simply block abundance from coming into our lives. One moment of clarity can save an endless amount of misery.

If you’re sad be sad. If you’re upset be upset. But don’t waste your time throwing a party when it’s not truly needed.

Pity party’s are no fun. Crashing them however, now that’s a different story. Throw yourself the party you know you deserve. Better parties await.

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