In a slump? You might want to read this

In a slump eh? Of course you are. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. And if you’re not, maybe you should read this then come back.

But first, I have a confession. This post is about me not you. You see, the truth is, I myself have been in a major slump this past week.

Instead of crafting  5 insanely powerful posts like I promised myself I’d do every weekday, I’ve been sleeping in.

Instead of doing something constructive with my time, I’ve been out partying.

Instead of working on that six-pack that I’ve promised for almost a year now, I’ve been indulging myself in the great cookies and cream ice cream (sorry Vin.)

Perhaps its been all the goodbyes I’ve had to say in the past few weeks. Or maybe it’s the fact that I begin a new chapter in my life come this August.

Hell, those things parents like to call “teenage hormones” might be the culprit.

Whatever the reason, I know I don’t like being in slumps and the fact you’re  reading this means you don’t either.

Having experienced my share of slumps, I have found the following  to be sure-thing  slump busters: and the cool thing is you can do more than one at a time. Just don’t meditate while talking to a friend, they might consider it rude. :-)


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of meditation. Meditation is one of my favorites when it comes to breaking out of your slump  because it allows you to disconnect from what’s causing the slump in the first place.

Simply watching your breathe does wonders for your well being. To be honest, I haven’t meditated as much as I should have these past few days. Perhaps that’s why my slump has been so bad.

Don’t know how to meditate? Go somewhere quiet and simply breathe. I promise you will feel better.

Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature is something I’ve been doing a lot lately. When growing up, I would gladly choose Nintendo over going outside but as I’ve grown older I’ve slowly learned to appreciate nature more.

I often go for long walks outside or meditate on my thinking rock (more on that in a future post.)

Lately, I’ve been preferring to  go on a hour walk and explore the rural areas near my home. There’s something about being outside that makes you come a live.

The best advice I can give is this: Get outside and connect.

Seek inspiration

Seeking inspiration is essential. Because of today’s technology, inspiration is effortless to find.

You can watch videos or read an inspiring book. You can even do a quick google search to find hundreds of motivational quotes online. Lack of inspiration is no longer an excuse.

Because I’ve been feeling down, I actually began reading a book about my hero Bruce Lee. For whatever the reason the dude inspires me. His dedication and his focus were out of this world. Just reading the book realigns me with my purpose and inspires me continue to push through and make the most of my time here on earth.

Here are ten motivational videos to get you started.

Talk to a friend

Connecting with friends is another simple way to break out of your slump. Friends are there to support you in time of need. Assuming you have been creating authentic relationships, your friends will be by your side.

Just last night I had a chat with my good friend Drew. Just catching up with him made me feel a lot better. When you truly connect with your friends a positive energy is exchanged thus quickening the duration of your slump.

Feeling down? Connect with a family member or friend.

Be thankful

The last thing you want to do when you’re in a slump is be thankful right?

I can tell you without fail, being thankful is the surest way to bust out of your slump.

It is easy to get caught up in all the things that are going wrong but those who choose to focus on what is going right are the ones who are most happy and successful.

One of my favorite exercises is to take a out a sheet of paper and write down all the things I’m thankful for. After completion I am always in a better mood.

What are you thankful for?

Quit feeling sorry for yourself

I used to be the king of feeling sorry for myself. Just ask my old cross-country teammates. The truth is feeling sorry for yourself does nothing but prolong your misery.

We are often times under the impression that feeling sorry for yourself makes things better. This assumption is absolutely false.

Not only does feeling sorry for yourself prolong your misery, it radiates a bad vibe.

While you can’t control the unexpected slumps  in your life you can choose to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Help someone

The quickest way to bust out of your slump is to help someone. When you sincerely help someone you don’t have time to care about yourself.

When you help someone you often times realize that your situation isn’t as bad as you’ve made it out to be. One of the reasons I was inspired to write this post is because I knew it could potentially help others to bust out of their slump.

There is never a time in which you can’t help someone because there is always someone in need.

Write a blog post. Listen. Hangout with someone who is otherwise lonely. Be kind.  Just help someone.

BONUS: Get a massage

Wow, I really must be breaking out of my slump for offering you this bonus slump buster. The reason I’m making it bonus is for the fact not everyone has the wonderful opportunity to get an hour massage for 15 dollars. ( Did I mention I love Shanghai?)

Assuming you can afford one, I highly recommend you treat yourself to a massage. The benefits are just out of this world.

Time to break free

Now is the time to make a choice. Will you continue to wallow in your self-pity? Or will you make the effort to break out of your slump?

Depending on the severity of your slump it might take sometime to finally bust lose, but I assure you it can be done.

Slumps are inevitable. The duration? That’s up to you.

I for one, think it’s time you break free.

Editors Note: ( To attest the power of helping people… the fact that this post could potential help hundreds break free of their slumps, has in turn broken me out of mine. My message? Help people. It feels good. :-)

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