I would  like to share with you a beneficial practice I have adopted regarding documentaries. Having recently signed up for Netflix, I decided I would make the most out of the service. While I enjoy a mainstram movie every now and then, the primary reason I signed up for Netflix was to use it as an educational tool. Because I strive to consistently emerge myself in a variety of different perspectives, I have explored a diverse selection of documentaries that I hope to watch.

Watching documentaries is a wonderful way to expand your awareness of the world around you. The following are 3 reasons  why watching documentaries is beneficial.

Critical Thinking:

One of the main reasons I enjoy watching documentaries is because it forces me to view a specific problem from an array of different perspectives. Many documentaries are inherently biased, so it is important to have a holistic view of the topic being discussed. Even though many documentaries clearly have their own agenda, many times they still provide a solid understanding of issue at hand.

Recently I watched the documentary “Maxed Out” which explored the increasing number of Americans who are in debt. While I found the documentary enlightening, it was definitely one-sided. Our ability to discern and draw our own  conclusions is an imperative skill to develop. I have found watching a documentary a week an invaluable tool for developing my critical thinking skills, which I think we all must continue to improve.


Viewing documentaries is also incredibly educational. As a person committed to personal growth, I feel obligated to educate myself in numerous ways. The majority of the time I come away from a finished documentary a more intelligent individual. We must get excited about educating ourselves. We are responsible for our own education.

This past week I watched “Flow” a documentary on our current water crisis, and I was dumbfounded at how ignorant I really was. Did you know America spends 60 billion (yes billion with a B) dollars on water bottles each year? Did you also know that it is estimated 30 billion dollars a year could give clean drinking water to the entire global
population. Some drink for thought.


As I continue to watch more and more documentaries, I can’t help but feel the need to personally help alleviate the problems of the world. While I know I’m only one person I sincerely believe  that I really can make a considerable difference in hundreds,thousands, or even millions of people world wide. It’s very easy to say, “This [insert problem here] doesn’t affect me. But when we do this we simply turn our back on truth. As Steve Pavlina says, ” If you see a problem you own it.”

When I watch a film on world hunger, I let my heart connect with those who are starving to death. When I watch a movie on the millions dying from unnecessary war I can’t help but feel a great sense of pain. Becoming aware of the world as it is now is essential for the betterment of humanity. While it is never beneficial to dwell on the problems of the world, becoming aware will eventually lead to action. The world needs more understanding.

Watching A Documentary A Week

Watching a documentary a week has truly increased my awareness as a human being and has proved to be very rewarding. I highly recommend netflix as they have a have a wide array of payment options to fit your financial needs. I can’t wait to receive ” Who Killed the Electric Car?:)

How are often do you watch documentaries? What are your favorites? Please share in the comments below.

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