3 Reasons To Watch A Documentary A Week

I would  like to share with you a beneficial practice I have adopted regarding documentaries. Having recently signed up for Netflix, I decided I would make the most out of the service. While I enjoy a mainstram movie every now and then, the primary reason I signed up for Netflix was to use it as an educational tool. Because I strive to consistently emerge myself in a variety of different perspectives, I have explored a diverse selection of documentaries that I hope to watch.

Watching documentaries is a wonderful way to expand your awareness of the world around you. The following are 3 reasons  why watching documentaries is beneficial.

Critical Thinking:

One of the main reasons I enjoy watching documentaries is because it forces me to view a specific problem from an array of different perspectives. Many documentaries are inherently biased, so it is important to have a holistic view of the topic being discussed. Even though many documentaries clearly have their own agenda, many times they still provide a solid understanding of issue at hand.

Recently I watched the documentary “Maxed Out” which explored the increasing number of Americans who are in debt. While I found the documentary enlightening, it was definitely one-sided. Our ability to discern and draw our own  conclusions is an imperative skill to develop. I have found watching a documentary a week an invaluable tool for developing my critical thinking skills, which I think we all must continue to improve.


Viewing documentaries is also incredibly educational. As a person committed to personal growth, I feel obligated to educate myself in numerous ways. The majority of the time I come away from a finished documentary a more intelligent individual. We must get excited about educating ourselves. We are responsible for our own education.

This past week I watched “Flow” a documentary on our current water crisis, and I was dumbfounded at how ignorant I really was. Did you know America spends 60 billion (yes billion with a B) dollars on water bottles each year? Did you also know that it is estimated 30 billion dollars a year could give clean drinking water to the entire global
population. Some drink for thought.


As I continue to watch more and more documentaries, I can’t help but feel the need to personally help alleviate the problems of the world. While I know I’m only one person I sincerely believe  that I really can make a considerable difference in hundreds,thousands, or even millions of people world wide. It’s very easy to say, “This [insert problem here] doesn’t affect me. But when we do this we simply turn our back on truth. As Steve Pavlina says, ” If you see a problem you own it.”

When I watch a film on world hunger, I let my heart connect with those who are starving to death. When I watch a movie on the millions dying from unnecessary war I can’t help but feel a great sense of pain. Becoming aware of the world as it is now is essential for the betterment of humanity. While it is never beneficial to dwell on the problems of the world, becoming aware will eventually lead to action. The world needs more understanding.

Watching A Documentary A Week

Watching a documentary a week has truly increased my awareness as a human being and has proved to be very rewarding. I highly recommend netflix as they have a have a wide array of payment options to fit your financial needs. I can’t wait to receive ” Who Killed the Electric Car?” 🙂

How are often do you watch documentaries? What are your favorites? Please share in the comments below.

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I’m a documentary-aholic. I watch documentaries at least once a week via Netflix with my brother and his girlfriend…. I can’t get enough good documentaries! I’ve also found that the full length youtube documentaries are pretty good as well. Check out this site as well… I recently found it, and love it.



    Thanks for the link Karen. The website has good list of top documentaries, and I will watch them.

    Do you have the link for list of some more recommended documentaries?

Tristan Lee

This is a great idea Bud. What is the pricing of documentaries for Netflix?

I think what you mentioned here about about the water problem is really mindblowing! It seems sort of like a catch-22 kind of thing and inspires me to drink less water bottles.

Thanks for sharing this insightful post and Happy Halloween!

Kelvin Servigon

I am lying if I’ll say that I don’t watch documentaries. Here in the Philippines, documentaries were filmed very good. And these documentaries taught me more about my own country.

Indeed, good documentaries are worth-watching. 🙂


@Karen: I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys documentaries. 🙂 Thanks for the link!
@Tristan: I currently pay 9 dollars a month for unlimited DVD rentals (one out at a time.) I find that this works well for me. I reside in the U.S though.
@Kelvin: What are some of your favorites? I’m part Filipino 🙂

Srinivas Rao

Great idea Bud. I’ve never really thought of using Netflix for that purpose but, I think it’s a great way to continually educate yourself.

Bud Hennekes

@Srinivas: Definitely 🙂 For 9 dollars a month you can’t go wrong. 🙂

Kelvin Servigon

Really? You have a Filipino blood? Cool!

My favorite Filipino documentary is the GMA documentary about the Philippine ocean natural treasures. That made me feel that, even Philippines is a poor country, Philippines will always be a great country because of its beauty and natural resources. 😀


Hey Bud,

You hit the spot when you said it is educational. I say this because for me, I can only learn something when I am entertained by it at the same time, which why I do mediocre at school ( school is no fun..:() lol jk.

Documentaries are a great way to teach us something new, they are non-fiction books presented on television. I love watching them, because I don’t get to feel guilty about wasting my time 😉

Thanks for the post, keep it up 🙂

Steven, have an explosive day Bud!

Diggy - Upgradereality.com

Hey Bud 🙂

Awesome post! This is something I’m lacking at the moment. I love watching Discovery Channel, but don’t make a lot of time to watch it. Netflix seems like a good option, I’ll explore it later.

Then world is indeed so wasteful, the latest Time magazine here in South Africa has the cover story as “Rare Tuna” and addresses how we are overfishing our seas and killing off important species. I wish everyone would realize what we are doing to the world and work together to preserve it!

Have a great week!

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Dayne | TheHappySelf.com

I loved this post and I agree Bud, documentaries are the very best. I’m a HUGE fan. Thanks for pointing out some new one’s I have not heard of as well! Great post!


A. Simplicity

Great post and idea!! Documentaries really can be a great way to learn more about the world around us and connect people on different issues. I particular like your point about empathy… I agree, we need real understanding and empathy among all peoples of the world… through education and understanding we can make a difference, even if just a small one. Thanks for the inspiration : )

Vin - NaturalBias

Great idea, Bud! Reason 4: they provide great material for blog posts. 🙂


Good post, Bud. Couldn’t agree more. I saw a documentary recently: Expelled staring Ben Stein. Talk about expanding your understanding. He totally breaks through the barriers that scientists face today with evolution vs creation. I definitely recommend it!


Great post! I think the documentary film medium is one of the most powerful ways to access the truth, and to share that journey with a wide audience. I just watched Capitalism: A Love Story…pretty interesting. Yes, you’re right, some docs can be biased, but hopefully inspire the much needed critical skills we need in order to document our own lives. Since I’ve been on an extended TV strike, I’ve been hungry for stuff that wakes you up. Documentaries fit that bill!!


I love documentaries and this post is great. I watched a documentary The Superior Human? and that was great to learn from. If you think you are superior over other forms of life as every human think. You must watch that documentary. I will share a link here


Nice article! I agree! I don’t like movies and find them hard to sit through. They’re just predictable and boring. Documentaries get my brain going! As other have said, YouTube is a great place for documentaries. I personally enjoy JourneymanPictures from YouTube. Great stuff. 🙂

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